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Enjoy the power of Real Time Dashboards, Interactive Reports, Custom Visualizations & Natural Language Query

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Extra productivity benefits by 2020

Gained by organizations able to analyze all relevant data and deliver actionable information

Additional operating income

Generated by the most digitally transformed enterprises

Further cost savings

Gained through savings in CAPEX, software costs, IT staff, and paying for what you need


How It Works


Model Your Data

Transform complex data into one version of the truth Connect to your multiple data sources and create an optimized data model specific for the business analysis.


Analyse & Author

Analyse your model and Create powerful and interactive reports, personalised with your KPIs and brand. Analyse, share, and promote insights across your organization while maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and security.



Fuel everyday decisions with data-driven insights. Get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions—even when asking with conversational language


Bring data to life - Any data, Anyway, Anywhere

Vittree was formed by a group of Chartered Accountants and Finance professionals to offer technology led decision support services to organisations globally. The team comes with many years of experience in the corporate world & business intelligence (BI) tools and wanted to create a new generation business solutions organisation which spreads its branches across all areas of business operations, much like a tree.

Data-driven decision making requires appropriate and approachable business intelligence (BI) tools. Vittree can help empower users throughout your organization with self-service insights in a natural and accessible way that fuels action. Whether your data lives on-premises or in the cloud, we help you to integrate diverse – and often disconnected – sources to provide real-time visibility instead of a rearview mirror glimpse. Our solutions delivers insights anywhere. From mobile, to web, as well as through embedded analytics in apps, we put BI everywhere you need it.

Our Services

Bring data to life

Strategic, actionable Decisions

Make decisions with confidence. Work together easily on the same data, collaborate on reports, and share insights across applications - empowering everyone in your organization to quickly make data-driven decisions that drive strategic actions.

Interactive Report & Live Dashboards

Coherent and impactful data visualizations help businesses make quick decisions based on vast quantities of data from multiple dynamic sources. Get clear and concise reporting through live dashboards and dig deeper into data and find patterns you may have otherwise missed that lead to actionable insights.

AI Capability

Explore your data, automatically find patterns, understand what your data means, and predict future outcomes to drive business results. Get fast, AI-powered answers to your business questions—even when asking with conversational language.

Multiple Data Sources

Connect to all the data around you -both in the cloud and on-premises. Shape, transform, and clean data for analysis. Join and model data from multiple sources/types. Transform complex data into one version of the truth

Stream analytics in real time

Know what’s happening now, not just in the past. From factory sensors to social media sources, get access to real-time analytics so you’re always ready to make timely decisions.

Self-service analytics

Reduce the added cost, complexity, and security risks of multiple solutions with an analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.


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